Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Going Aggressive with Z Fold 4? OLED iPad Pro Details & more! (video)

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The official and weirdest news today begin with Microsoft… You remember that whole debacle where people were angry at Samsung for showing ads on the notification tab? Well, Microsoft is trying a similar strategy but with Windows 11. As yes, some people like this Twitter user have been finding ads in their File Explorer Tabs. This one being a Microsoft Editor ad trying to get you to write your documents using that specific service. To be fair, the ads don’t seem to intrusive and sure Microsoft has a reason to be promoting their other services… but in all honestly I’m tired of getting Microsoft Edge ads even when trying to open a link on an iPhone.. Seriously no one cares about that browser. Anyways back to the topic.. I just don’t get why they’re choosing to do it in a tool that’s so essential like the File Explorer. Another user showed they got a message “inviting them to go check out Powerpoint templates on their official website”. So by the looks of it, they’re currently testing the waters with these advertisements but I don’t think the public is going to be to happy with this. Why don’t they just leave it with the other ads on the start up menu or the notifications tab that I don’t think a lot of people use.

Let’s move on to Google and the Pixel 7 Series even if it’s a little early but, why not? We’ve been getting a few leaks here and there but now we have a couple of new tweets from Ross Young talking about the display. On the first tweet he mentions that the regular Pixel 7 will shrink from 6.4-inches to 6.3, while the Pro model will retain the 6.7-inch panel we got last year.. Which I do consider massive. Apparently Google is getting ready for production earlier this time around, with the shipments starting in May which is one month earlier than last year. Then, someone asked him about the refresh rate, and Ross mentioned that he believes the Pro will be 120Hz with LTPO again but we don’t know if that means LTPO 2.0. So yeah, with those renders that came out about a month ago and with how software updates have been going, it looks like Google wants to refine the Pixel 6 Series with their next release so, let’s see how the rumors evolve over time.

Let’s switch on to iPads and what we could be getting in the future. With other variants like the iPad Air getting the M1 treatment, we’ve been wondering what’s next for the Pro models… We have a new report from Ross Young, where he mentions that Cupertino is looking to shake things up in this category by launching some OLED iPad Pros.. He then cited a report from The Elec, claiming that LG Display was, or is currently working on two models of OLED panels aimed to supply iPads in the future. Of course that being 11-inch and 12.9-inch models. Apparently Samsung Display is also working on developing their own panels for the 11-inch model but, the larger variant will be exclusive to LG. The report also mentions that these new panels would use LTPO technology and some new thin-film transistors that would allow them to have double the brightness and four times the lifespan when compared to what we get with single stacked-OLED panels. The problem is, there’s a catch. Apparently these panels won’t make the cut until 2024… So the question is what does Apple plan to do to innovate this year.

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk about Samsung and the next generation of their foldables. You guys already know how much I love my Z Fold 3 but, let’s talk about what’s next. We have a new report cited by 9to5Google where they’re claiming Samsung will debut a stronger version of their ultra-thin glass with the Z Fold 4… I know, not really shocking, but it’s been three generations of the same at least on the Z Flip, so it was kind of overdue. The point is, Naver claims that Samsung is focusing on improved hardness and quality for this new generation when compared to the Z Fold 3. It’s unclear how much better things will be but, apparently it could be the kind of improvement where they’ll change the branding to something like Super UTG as Samsung is considering an aggressive marketing push for this new version. We’ve also been getting some concept renders here and there, showing off the new design which is rumored to bring the S Pen inside the phone like we got with the S22 Ultra. Then moving on to the Z Flip for a second, on another tweet from Ross Young, he claims that Samsung Display is expected to begin panel shipments for the Z Flip 4 as soon as next month, which is around the same timing they did last year. The change here is that they’re expecting a total of 8.7 million panels when compared to the 5.1 we got last year. And that’s no surprise, I’ve been seeing more and more Z Flips in the street and I can’t blame people either for the price and just how sexy the phone is.

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