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As we stated before, investing is an effective way to put your money to work and potentially build wealth. Smart investing gives your money a chance to outpace inflation and really increase in value. Of course, if you really want to grow your wealth, you need to put your money in a place where it can earn the highest rate of return. That’s basically Investing 101.

Different investments offer varying levels of potential risk and market return. Your risk, as you no doubt understand, is an investment’s chance of producing a lower-than-expected return or even losing value. The return is the amount of money you earn on the assets you’ve invested, or the investment’s overall increase in value.

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And what’s great about the market is that you don’t always have to invest a huge amount to see big returns. But it would be helpful to have the right intel in order to make savvy choices about where to invest. That’s what The Motley Fool specializes in. Their stellar track record has resulted in millions of individual investors around the world now trusting their guidance.

Let’s say you have $1,000 to invest. Ideally, you’d invest in the “next big thing” to see a relatively small investment make huge returns over the long run. Right now, The Motley Fool says technology is where you want to invest it—and they’ve done their research. They’ve done extremely well identifying massive technological trends, then finding stocks that can benefit in explosive ways.

The key, they say, is identifying the “inflection point,” the term for any event that causes a notable change or shift, either positive or negative, in any situation or status quo. So what is the team seeing today that might be the next big world-changing trend? 5G. And while maybe you’ve heard about it in bits and pieces before… 5G is now moving into the mainstream, and experts predict it could eventually impact $13.2 trillion in global sales on an annual basis. And that could be a game-changer for investors of all sizes.

Sure, you could invest in Apple. But there might be an even more lucrative way to play the coming iPhone supercycle. The Motley Fool’s analysts have identified a tiny American company (1/500th the size of Apple) that could be perfectly positioned for the coming iPhone supercycle. A thousand dollars would buy you a lot more stock and thus offer way more bang for your buck.

Yes, there’s still risk involved, but like we said, The Motley Fool has a history of picking these trends before they get big. Netflix, Amazon, Booking Holdings and Walt Disney were all former picks. And if you’d invested your $1,000 in each of those companies when the Stock Advisor recommended them, you’d be sitting on $695,615 right now.

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