How to Get Your Fittest in 2022

Focus on Protein
at Dinner

Certified nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia—who also works as the official Marvel superhero nutritionist prepping meal plans for such clients as Chris Hemsworth and Brie Larson—suggests loading up on protein in the evening to see optimal physical results. “Dinner should be your biggest protein meal,” he says. “Dinner should just be protein and vegetables. Your body will utilize the protein to help with recovery while you sleep.” Goglia suggests fatty fish for its anti-inflammatory benefits and fat-burning benefits. Think salmon, sea bass, black cod or Arctic char. “Using high fat fish as a dinner choice increases the amount of omega fatty acids consumed at night. The result is a deeper sleep, increased growth hormone release and reduction of inflammation.”

As much as grinding away at the gym is important for reaching fitness goals, so too is recovering properly. “One of the newest, most prominent realizations we’ve come to in the fitness world is the importance of recovery-focused services,” says Marc Megna, Certified Personal Trainer at Anatomy in Miami. “The only way we can truly have longevity in training is by optimizing recovery.” Megna recommends cold water immersion for helping your body replenish its energy and repair damaged tissues. He advises clients, post workout, to plunge in cold water for ten minutes to begin with, eventually building their tolerance up to 20 minutes. “Cold water immersion helps reduce the level of acid in your muscles, which means reduced swelling and inflammation, less pain and a faster recovery.”

Traveling used to mean making sacrifices with your workout routine. But now, travelers have more options than ever to work out on the road as hotels place more importance on building out thoughtful fitness centers. “Hotel gym equipment is now technology driven,” says Shannon Stringert, Director of Spa, Salon & Fitness for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. “It’s evolved beyond just offering a standard treadmill or elliptical and now includes the ability for guests to stay connected to their personal content while working out.” Use your time on the road to try out new equipment, ask your hotel for any available guest passes to local gyms or just workout in your room if you have to.

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