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Google is rumored to introduce its first-ever smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch, at its 2022 I/O Developer Conference later this year. Like every other device, a lot of rumors and leaks about the upcoming Google watch have surfaced on the internet. Here’s every bit of information that we know about the highly-awaited Google Pixel Watch.

When will Google launch the Pixel Watch?

Will this be the year we finally get to see the Google Pixel Watch? Well, this is the question we’ve been asking ourselves for the past 5-6 years with no clear answers. And while there is still no concrete evidence, a lot of leakers have suggested that Google will finally launch the Pixel Watch in 2022.

Google Pixel Watch Marketing Images 1 Source: FrontPageTech

The latest rumors suggest that Google will be officially announcing, or at least showcasing the smartwatch for the first time, at the Google I/O event next month. However, Jon Prosser believes that Google won’t be shipping the device until fall. He claims that Google will only be “teasing” the Pixel Watch at the May event, but the smartwatch will only be formally announced and launched with the Pixel 7 series in October.

The Pixel Watch is reportedly called “Pixel Rohan” internally and has been under development for quite a lot of years. The reasons for its launch delays aren’t known, but the highly-anticipated smartwatch has shown up in a number of places lately, suggesting it could be introduced sooner than later. The reference to Pixel Watch has been spotted in Google app update and even in a US carrier’s back-end inventory system. Reliable leaker Evan Blass also recently tweeted that “It won’t be long now,” suggesting that the Watch is just around the corner.

Google Pixel Watch: Display and Design

The design of the Pixel Watch was leaked by Jon Prosser last year when he released the first renders of the upcoming Google smartwatch. The renders showed us that the Pixel Watch would come with a circular display with a bezel-less design. It will feature a circular knob on the right, much like the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch, that will reportedly help users navigate the UI of the Wear OS. A recent report from 91Mobiles also corroborates Prosser’s info.

While there have been no leaks about the display, it appears that Google will offer the Pixel Watch in only one size. Talking about the display technology, the Pixel Watch will most likely come with an OLED display that will support an always-on display mode. While the smartwatch itself will be offered in three colors, gray, black, and gold, Google will reportedly sell around 20 different interchangeable color bands for the Pixel Watch.

Even though nothing has been officially confirmed yet, from the leaked images and renders, it appears that the Google Pixel Watch will keep a simple and minimal design. The smartwatch will also offer a number of exclusive watch faces, including one with Fitbit data integration on the front.

Google Pixel Watch: Specs and hardware

A few key specifications of the Google Pixel Watch have leaked in the past few weeks. According to a report, the Pixel Watch will be powered by a Samsung Exynos W920 chipset and not the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear platform. The Exynos W920 is the same chipset that powers the Galaxy Watch 4. This chipset is based on a 5nm node process and comes with an ARM Cortex-M55 core that allows the smartwatch to operate low-power operations without consuming much power. It also brings support for LTE connection and GNSS support for navigation.

On the storage front, the Google Pixel Watch could come with 32GB of onboard storage. Considering Google will provide so much storage on a smartwatch, you’ll probably be able to download songs for offline listening, install thousands of apps, and do much more on the Pixel Watch. For comparison, the Galaxy Watch 4 offers 16GB of local storage, which is the most offered on any Wear OS product yet. Other than this, specs like display resolution, battery size, and IP rating are not known yet.

Google Pixel Watch: Features

Various leaks and rumors over the past couple of months have suggested that the Pixel Watch will come with a number of features. Check out some of the rumored Google Pixel Watch features down below:

  • ‘Next-generation’ Google Assistant: According to a report from 9to5Google, Google is keen on adding a next-generation Assistant to the Pixel Watch. None of the actual features are known right now, but the company could possibly add features such as offline speech recognition for easy text input, smart alerts, and others,

  • Health tracking features: The Google Pixel Watch will reportedly come loaded with health tracking features such as blood oxygen tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, workout tracking, and more. The company would reportedly benefit from the Fitbit acquisition and bring many features found on the Fitbit smartwatches to the Pixel Watch.

  • Wear OS 3.1: Since it will be a first-party Google smartwatch, the Pixel Watch is reportedly set to run on Wear OS 3.1 operating system. While Wear OS 3.2 is already available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, a tipster has revealed that the Pixel Watch will run on the Wear OS 3.1 platform. Recently leaked screenshots have also shown us what the UI of the Pixel Watch might look like.

  • Other features: The leaked Google Pixel Watch screenshots have also shown that the smartwatch will come with features such as interactive Google Maps, Google Pay to process contactless payments, route tracking for outdoor runs, and voice call support.

Google Pixel Watch: Price, Colors, and more

The price of the Google Pixel Watch has not leaked, yet. However, a lot of industry professionals and leakers believe that Google might be looking to offer a competitive smartwatch with the Pixel Watch that goes against the likes of the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. A few rumors speculate that the Google Pixel Watch could start around the $250 price mark for the GPS-only variant, with the LTE+GPS model coming in at a higher price. The price will obviously depend on various factors: size, cellular/non-cellular, and maybe even material used. As for the colors, popular leaker Max Weinbach reports that the smartwatch will be available in three colors: gray, black, and gold.

Google Pixel Watch: What we want to see

Pixel Watch

We all would love to see a direct Apple Watch competitor from Google in the form of the Pixel Watch, but there are a few key areas where we would love the Pixel Watch to excel in; check some of them down below:

  • Excellent software experience: Considering it will be a first-party Google smartwatch, the Pixel Watch should provide the cleanest and smoothest Wear OS experience. The smartwatch should set an example of how the software on an Android smartwatch should feel. Moreover, we expect Google to provide excellent software support for the Pixel Watch, as it does for other Pixel devices.

  • Best-in-class Fitness tracking: Google acquired Fitbit around three years ago. Since then, we have been waiting to see how Google would benefit from the acquisition. We hope that in addition to running Google’s latest Wear OS, the Pixel Watch comes with Fitbit’s best-in-class fitness tracking features.

  • Great battery life: One of the problems of the Apple Watch, and other Android Wear OS smartwatches as well, is that they don’t really offer more than one day of battery. We hope that Google focuses on this annoying issue of smartwatches and that the Pixel Watch is able to offer 2-3 days of battery life, if not one week. Fast charging, in addition to great battery life, would be the cherry on top.

  • Deep integration with Android: One of the attractions of the Apple Watch is how seamlessly it gels into the ecosystem. From the time you first pair it with your iPhone, you don’t really have to set up anything manually — your watch already knows about your favorite contacts, payment systems, and pretty much everything. With the Pixel Watch, we hope Google is able to offer a smartwatch that is actually smart and integrates effortlessly into the Android ecosystem.

  • Competitive price: Lately, Google has been pretty much on-point when it comes to pricing its Pixel devices — Pixel 6 for example. We hope Google offers the Pixel Watch at a competitive price so that a large number of people are able to enjoy the Google smartwatch experience and the company becomes a pioneer in the industry.

What are your expectations from the Google Pixel Watch? Let us know in the comments section below!

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